Austin Mahone's Headlining Tour Won't Have Any 'No Smoking' Signs

'Smoke always makes everything more dramatic,' Mahone says of his MTV's Artist To Watch Tour, kicking off Thursday in Miami.

Austin Mahone has his bags — and his smoke machine — packed and is about to launch his first headlining tour. MTV's Artist to Watch Tour kicks off Saturday, October 19 in Tampa, and the 17-year-old has put in lot of prep work to make sure his Mahomies get the best show possible.

"It's really cool. I've been in the dance rehearsals for a couple weeks now just getting ready. I've gotten more dancers. I've gotten more songs I'm adding to it, so you know we got like lasers and lights and smoke," he told MTV News of the 10-city trek. "And it's gonna be a huge production, so I'm really excited ... so it's gonna be a really fun tour and I can't wait."

The singer was slated to kick the shows off on Thursday (October 17) in Miami, but had to reschedule the dates due to illness. He tweeted that the Miami kick-off date has been pushed to October 22 and the second show in Orlando will now take place on November 1. He added, "I can't believe this is happening its my first tour I'm so upset. I feel like I'm letting you all down...Its Doctor's orders I have a bad flu 103 fever and I can't move. If I could go I would."

Mahone will be bringing along "Becky From the Block" singer and COVERGIRL Becky G, as well as Midnight Red and W3 the Future for this jaunt. And, he knew there was one prop he couldn't leave home without.

"I knew I had to have smoke because smoke always makes everything more dramatic," the "What About Love" singer said. "Like when it slowly rises from the ground, it's the best. I love it; it just looks great."

This marks Austin's first headlining tour, and the EMA-nominated singer learned quite a lot about how to put on a show from Taylor Swift when he opened for her Red tour earlier this year.

"I learned from Taylor that she can put on an amazing two-hour performance and keep everyone's attention. There's not a dull moment in her performance, so I can definitely learn a lot from that," he said. "Her stage presence is just amazing; the way she talks is just incredible. So she's told me to always keep working hard and keep following my dreams and hopefully I'll be in her shoes someday."

Mahone's tour wraps up on October 30 in Royal Oak, Michigan.