Lady Gaga's Twitter Q&A: Waffles, Weed And Work

Gaga revealed plenty about ARTPOP during an impromptu Twitter chat on Sunday.

Lady Gaga took took to Twitter on Sunday night for an impromptu Q&A session that was as wide-ranging — did you know she likes Belgian waffles with bananas and Nutella?!? — as it was weird.

Yes, Gaga revealed plenty during her chat, including the inspiration behind ARTPOP ("I delved deep into my heart and mind and truly made a record that I wanted to listen to," she wrote), the "very personal" nature of songs like "Swine," and some, uh, higher aspirations for the album:

There was also information about the much-discussed ARTPOP app — there will be something called "VOLANTIS" premiering soon — and collaborations with producers Madeon and RedOne. And on the stony tip, she revealed that her new song "Mary Jane Holland" is all about marijuana (shocker!), and that some of her favorite tracks on the album include "Dope," "Sexxx Dreams," "G.U.Y." and next single "Venus."

Oh, and on the subject of that single — and the accompanying music video — Gaga hinted that it may very well mark the beginning of something big:

And a trilogy might not be the only expansive thing Gaga's working on. Echoing sentiments she expressed last year, she said that she's got plenty of unreleased songs waiting in the wings, and that her fans should get ready for a second volume — or "Act" — of ARTPOP: