Paramore Promise A Metallica-Worthy Production On 'Self-Titled' Tour

'We're totally re-enacting that Metallica war scene,' Hayley Williams says of Paramore's arena tour.

When Paramore first announced the "Self-Titled Tour" earlier this summer, they made no attempt to hide the fact that this was what they've been working toward their entire career:

"This is a tour that we've been dreaming of for a while," Hayley Williams told MTV News when we caught up with her at the Hollywood Hard Rock's PINKTOBER launch, the breast cancer awareness campaign that counts her as its artist ambassador. "I want to remember it as the tour that changed the game for us in terms of being a live band."

And after nearly four months of preparation — and a lot of big promises — Paramore are set to launch the tour next Tuesday in Seattle. They know expectations are high, and they can't wait to deliver.

"We're so excited, like, I can't even express how excited we are," Williams said. "We're going all over the country, and it's the biggest production we've ever put together, it's the longest set list; we've been planning it since we were making the album, so it's been a long time coming. It's our first time in arenas in the States, we're going to get to hang with friends and party and celebrate the album."

While Williams wouldn't reveal any secrets of Paramore's expanded stage show — "We're totally re-enacting that Metallica war scene that happens on stage, only with Paramore vibes," she laughed — she did let it be known that the tour will serve as a cap on what's been a very important year in the band's career. They've toured the world, grown as individuals and musicians, and now, they get to celebrate all that.

"There's no free time this year; the guys and I are like 'Eh, we'll see you next year,' to our families. But it's been a really good year, we've toured a ton, all over the world, really, there's no end in sight," she said. "I feel like I'm in the coolest band in the world, and I feel so proud of that. This year's been rad, I don't even know what to expect from next year."