One Direction Show Us Their Midnight Memories Cover: See It Here!

The guys have released the art for the November 25 album and their upcoming single, 'Story Of My Life.'

Looking for a little Friday treat? Well, One Direction have released the cover for Midnight Memories, and they look as adorable as ever.

The guys not only gave fans a look at their album art, but also the art for their new single, "Story of My Life." And, it just so happens to (possibly) reveal some of the lyrics to the track.

On the cover, the following lines are included, "The story of my life I take her home/ I drive all night to keep her warm," the lyrics read before cutting off. "Is frozen (the story of, the story of)/ The story of my life I give her hope/ I spend her love until she's broke inside/ The story of my life (the story of)."

"Story of My Life" — the second single after "Best Song Ever" — will drop October 28. And on November 23, the guys will host 1D Day, a seven-hour live stream to celebrate the album, set for release two days later.

One of the album's producers, Julian Bunetta, spoke to MTV News earlier this year, and teased fans about what they will hear on this album, which the group had a big say in creating.

"They really dictated it. The boys were the ones spearheading it and painting the picture of what they wanted to do and what they wanted it to sound like. I think it's just kind of showing the fans where they're at now, getting inside their heads," he said. "It's not changing the formula. It's just on this album they've had a lot of creative control and they're saying what they want to say and what they're feeling; what they're going through and they want to share it with their fans."