One Direction Announce Next Single: Take A Look At Their Childhood Pics!

'Story Of My Life' will be the second single off November's Midnight Memories.

One Direction are ready to give their fans the full story. The fivesome have announced that the next single off their November 25 album release, Midnight Memories, will be "Story of My Life."

Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne all confirmed the news on Twitter, also sharing with fans photos from their childhood as an homage to the title of the song, out October 28. "Story of My Life" follows the album's first single, the peppy "Best Song Ever."

Midnight Memories guitarist Niall, who called the song one of his "favourite" tracks on the album, tweeted out a photo of himself dressed up in army gear.

Meanwhile, Liam shared with his fans a photo of himself standing next to a wizard.

Zayn and Louis opted for photos of themselves hanging with their respective childhood best mates.

Harry also got into the fun by posting a snapshot of himself, in his bedroom as a little kid.

The guys have made it clear that this album will have a "retro" vibe and lean in a "rock direction," perhaps giving a hint as to what "Story" might sound like. And given the old-school photos of the fellas, maybe the video will also reveal more from their pasts.

The group will celebrate the album release during 1D Day, a seven-hour live stream on November 23, just two days before the album hits retailers.