Lorde Praises Miley, Wants To Be Blue Ivy: Watch Her Exclusive Q&A Now!

You sent in your questions for the 'Royals' star, and she answered with regal grace.

Lorde has quickly established herself as one of 2013's breakout stars — being #1 on the Billboard charts kind of proves that — yet despite the success of her hit "Royals," she continues to prove that she hasn't lost touch with her roots.

The latest example of that came earlier this week, when she stopped by the MTV Newsroom moments after shooting an early-a.m. performance for VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live" and, in-between standing up for her outspoken critiques of today's pop stars, she somehow found time to answer questions submitted by fans via Twitter and Instagram.

After all, Lorde got her start thanks in no small part to social media (her Tumblr remains as rad as ever), and we figured this would give her a chance to reconnect. And though she stifled back a yawn — "Sorry, I'm excited!" she laughed — she managed to plow through a whole bunch of your questions ... including naming her all-time favorite artist (Bon Iver), and her favorite Disney pop star:

"Miley," she said, though she also gave it up for Demi Lovato: "'Camp Rock' was great. I really enjoyed 'Camp Rock.'"

She also took an Instagram question about her hair-care routine ... which, as it turns out, is way easier than you'd imagine.

"I love this question! I have a special product that I use, I left it back home in New Zealand, and I've been using hotel shampoo," she laughed. "Haven't washed my hair in way too long, it's disgusting. The moral of the story is: Just use hotel shampoo wherever you go, it's fine, it's the same. Go for it."

And perhaps most importantly, she weighed in on the age-old debate: Would you rather be Blue Ivy Carter or North West?

"Oh. I would rather be the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z," she said. "Because, if Beyoncé is your mom? No words."