Sandra Bullock Says No More Sequels: We Mourn 'The Blinder Side'

The actress says she's done with sequels, so we created posters for 'Even More About Steve' and 'Crash 2.'

It's been a good year for Sandra Bullock. Her new film "Gravity" opens on Friday and already has a collection of raves, and her summer movie "The Heat" is one of the highest-grossing comedies of the year.

But don't expect a sequel to "The Heat" starring Bullock any time soon. The actress told TheWrap at the premiere for "Gravity" that her past experience with sequels is too dark to repeat. "I'm not doing a sequel to 'The Heat,' " she said. "I've done two sequels. They were horrible. What Melissa and I had was beautiful. We might do another film together. I think we should do a silent film together."

If this is the end for Bullock and sequels, that means we'll never see follow-ups to some of our favorite movies, so we went ahead and imagined a few of them.

"The Blinder Side"

After Bullock's Oscar win for playing the fierce Leigh Anne Tuohy, producers want Bullock back hoping to recreate the magic, only they don't have more story to tell. Instead, they riff off of the title to create a fictional sequel in which Michael Oher starts literally going blind.

"Even More About Steve"

The original clunker "All About Steve" was filmed two years before it actually hit theaters, back when its leads Bullock and Bradley Cooper were still a couple years away from her Oscar win and his box-office hit "The Hangover." For the sequel, Cooper and Bullock realize that there was a sequel clause in their original contracts and are legally obligated to film a follow-up. No one is happy.

"Crash 2: The Stairs Strike Back"

The 2006 Academy Award winner for Best Picture featured Bullock as a stuck-up housewife named Jean Cabot, whose racism is punished with a bad tumble down the stairs. Once Jean is all healed up, it appears that her bigotry has been defeated... that is until an even bigger set of stairs comes back for her.

"28 Days Later"

Gwen Cummings emerges from rehab having beaten her addictions. The only problem is that when she does, she finds out that the rest of the world has been turned into flesh-eating zombies. Viggo Mortensen co-stars as a badass zombie killer.