Afrojack's Documentary Shows You How To Be 'The Happiest Man Alive'

Nick Van De Wall talks to MTV News about opening up on 'The March of the Afrojack.'

Nick Van De Wall has come a long way since his humble beginnings in the rural Netherlands. The 26-year-old of his career is putting it all on his "The March of the Afrojack" documentary, the second chapter of which was released on Wednesday (October 2).

"This is a way deeper subject than people usually think," Afrojack told MTV News ahead of his set at TomorrowWorld. "To me, the most important thing, outside of making music and just having fun, my other secret biggest passion is to help people. I want them to know they can live their dreams."

He also wanted to prove that he's just like everybody else, and his journey has nothing to do with luck, but hard work. "Six years ago I was riding a bike. I didn't have money for a car," he laughed. And even though he wasn't always well off, he says the main message is that working hard at your passion will always make you happy, and happiness is success.

"I remember like eight years ago, I worked in Crete, a little island in Greece, and I DJed six days a week, eight hours a night, for 200 euros a week, and I was the happiest man alive," he recalled.

Chapter 2 follows him through his frustration at Ultra Music Festival to more pleasant glimpses of him with his mother on her birthday, and with fellow musicians Alesso and Flo Rida.

"I want people to see that it doesn't come from nothing, and that if you really put your heart into it, you will make it."