Britney Spears' 'Work Bitch' Video: 5 Fiercest Scenes!

MTV News breaks down the hottest moments — including Brit throwbacks and fancy Lambos.

Britney Spears enlisted lots of sexy dancers and turned the fierce dial all the way up for her "Work Bitch" video, which she released on Tuesday night. The clip follows Spears as she dances around glamorous locales, whipping her followers into shape.

The video is full of unique moments that may take a few watches to really appreciate. MTV News rounds up some of those key scenes — We won't even make you work to find out what they are!

Hit Rewind!

The video is chock full of weird moments. Who could forget her standing on a pyramid with dancers on leashes?

Director Ben Mor told MTV News that Spears would be "taking back her throne in a way" with this video, And, in a lot of ways, that's true.

For instance, she's also blowing up some mannequins, which just might represent her blowing up her competition. She's also not afraid of all the sharks circling her, trying to take her down. All these years later, everyone still wants a piece of Spears, and she still isn't scared to give it to them.

Lamborghini Mercy

Everywhere Spears goes, that sleek, white Lamborghini follows her. Whether she's singing to it in front of a white wall or dancing in the desert while it does donuts around her, that sports car is almost everywhere Spears is. They must have taken a BFF pact on set.

The Femme Fatale

Mor had said this video would feature a more "adult" version of Spears. Adult may be code for dominatrix.

She whips her dancers into submission in various locations, including a room fit for any red light district. Dominatrix Britney has plenty of S&M gear to make even "Fifty Shades of Grey" fans blush (whips and leashes abound). But the strangest toy Spears busts out is a Beats by Dr. Dre pill speaker that she uses as a ball gag. Obviously.

Britney's 'Work Bitch' In GIFs!

Paying Homage To The Past...

Buried in all the crazy new imagery are also several nods to some of Brit's old videos. The scene of her sitting at the vanity in the desert definitely pays homage to "Circus" and the scene where she's readying herself to be the ring leader (she also uses her vanity in "Lucky"). And while Spears' use of a pink gown isn't as candy-coated as in her "Lucky" video, when she crouches down by the shark pool in "Work Bitch," it looks a lot like her days of singing about being lonely on a billboard back in 2000.

...And Looking To The Future!

Spears uses the video to remind fans about her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. "Britney: Piece of Me" kicks off on December 27 and a poster for the two-year gig conveniently pops up around the 2:53 mark. (Not to mention that the entire video takes place in a desert, much like Sin City itself.) The shows begin weeks after she gives fans more new music on her eighth studio album, out December 3.