'Catching Fire' Countdown: Your Calendar 'Til Premiere

With tickets on sale now, MTV News has your agenda for the 51 days until the film blazes into theaters.

Do you see that? It's the first gentle puff of a smoke signal rising from the Quarter Quell arena, beckoning movie-goers to its lapping shores. But before you can gain admittance, you must pay the price. And the Capitol is collecting now.

Pre-sale tickets for the premiere of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" went on sale Tuesday (October 1), ahead of the film's November 22 debut. But with the countdown clock reading 51 days, there are still plenty of hours to while away before the big night. Never fear, though! MTV News has your get-ready guide right here. (And may the odds be ever in your favor!)


Buy advance tickets

Don't be the last one to enter the arena theater! Tickets are on sale now via Fandango and MovieTickets.com, and as an added bonus for buying early, you'll get a free download of Phantogram's soundtrack song "Lights." (Plus, if you choose Fandango as your preferred purchase place you'll be entered into a sweepstakes, whose grand prize is a trip to Hawaii.) Aloha, Finnick!

October 15

Scare up a "Hunger Games"-themed Halloween costume

Halloween will be just two weeks away, and you don't want to be stuck gluing a pita pocket to your face as a semi-ironic Peeta get-up. Start planning now! After all, it's going to take at least a couple of tries to twist those silver pipe cleaners into a perfect replica of Katniss' couture wedding gown.

October 30

Re-read "Catching Fire" (or read it for the first time)

You'll have to average only 17 pages a day to finish Suzanne Collins' novel by premiere night (which, c'mon, is totally manageable).

November 9

Show your true colors

In about 10 days you'll be thrown into the frenzy surrounding opening weekend, and you'll likely have little time to spare for life's other pleasures, so we recommend treating yourself while there's still time. And what better way than a "Hunger Games"-inspired manicure to announce your stan status? (And, which, if you're careful, should last through the midnight premiere.) You could copy Effie Trinket's crazy style, or get inspired by other Panem-proud looks.

November 19

Download the soundtrack

With songs from Lorde, Christina Aguilera and the Weeknd, the "Catching Fire" soundtrack will no doubt be a tasty package of ear candy for pop aficionados and indie enthusiasts alike. And for the impatient among us, you can already jam out to tracks like Coldplay's "Atlas" and Sia's "Elastic Heart" (featuring the Weeknd and Diplo).

November 20

Re-watch "The Hunger Games"

You'll want the first installment fresh in your mind, not only for narrative purposes, but to compare the work of directors Gary Ross and Francis Lawrence, because you just know that will be a post-premiere talking point.

November 21

Load up on provisions

Movie screenings — especially midnight ones — can often feel like their own treacherous fight for survival, what with long lines and tensions running high. Prepare yourself with a knapsack full of necessities, including a book to pass the time (maybe Collins' other series "Gregor the Overlander"? ), a hoodie to combat aggressive air-conditioning and snacks (Peeta cookies, anyone?!). Let the games begin!