Chvrches To Drake: 'Call Me'

The Scottish electro pop band wants to work with Drizzy.

Drake has collaborated with his share of artists over the years — mostly recently, it seems, with Beyoncé — and pretty soon, he might be able to add another to his roster: Chvrches. Yup, the Scottish electro-pop act is keen to work with Drizzy.

When asked who Chvrches would want to collaborate with if given the chance, the band's Martin Doherty told MTV News simply, "Drake."

Lead singer Lauren Mayberry was less sure. "I honestly don't know," she said. "I've not really thought about this a huge amount. ... I would need to make a list and think about it in an organized manner, which I haven't done yet."

Doherty then whispered, holding an imaginary telephone to his ear, "Drake, call me." We guess he, at least, has thought it through.

Chvrches has been building up buzz since the release of their Recover EP in March, which was soon followed by their debut LP, The Bones of What You Believe, earlier this week. Replete with dark, dancey pop, the album was inspired by "a lot of sci-fi and horror scores from the '80s," according to bandmember Iain Cook.

The trio has yet to collaborate with any other acts yet, but they have busted out some impressive covers that show off their range over the last year, most recently Whitney Houston's "It's Not Right, but It's Okay" on BBC Radio 1.

Given their chops on Houston's track — not to mention their own record — perhaps that call from Drake isn't that far away.

Last week, Chvrches performed at MTV Hive's Artist to Watch Live event. You can check out their performance, which includes singles "Recover" and "The Mother We Share," above.