Justin Timberlake Streams The 20/20 Experience -- 2 of 2, Fans Start Making Babies

JT premieres his new album a week early ... and his fans are undestandably excited by what they're hearing.

Justin Timberlake unveiled the second chapter of The 20/20 Experience with the sleek, sumptuous "Take Back The Night," and now, one week before his new album is due in stores, he's letting fans hear the whole story.

Yes,The 20/20 Experience — 2 of 2 is currently streaming in full on iTunes, and with its 70-minute running time, reliance on smooth, retro-leaning grooves, and electronic excursions courtesy of Timbaland, it definitely feels like the proper sequel to the first 20/20, which dropped in March. Shoot, there's even another Jay-Z cameo, this time on a track called "Murder" (Drake also shows up earlier on the album, on the super-charged sex anthem "Cabaret.")

Another thing it shares in common with the first installment of The 20/20 Experience? Fans truly seem to love it.

Yes, we predict many babies shall be made in the coming weeks: The 20/20 Experience — 2 of 2 hits stores on September 30, and Timberlake will promote both editions on a world tour that kicks off October 31 in Montreal. The first installment of the series debuted at #1 in March, to record-setting sales of more than 968,000 copies ... a mark that still stands as the biggest debut of 2013.