10 Awesome Ways Mumford & Sons Will Spend Their Break

Band announces they're taking 'a considerable' vacation, and MTV News has their itinerary all planned.

Mumford & Sons are clearing their calendars.

That's according to keyboardist Ben Lovett, who told Rolling Stone that, now that they've completed the promo cycle for last year's Babel album, the hard-touring quartet are planning a lengthy break, during which they'll "do very little ... especially when it comes to Mumford & Sons."

There's no telling just how long they'll be away, either — Lovett said it would be "a considerable amount of time" — and though that might disappoint some fans, you'd be hard pressed to find a band more deserving of a vacation than Mumford & Sons, who have essentially been on the road since 2008 (they recorded and road-tested much of Babel while on tour, too). In short, it's time unbutton their waistcoats, unhook their watch fobs and kick back with an olde-tyme elixir of their choosing.

But if they're not making music, how will the Mumford guys spend their break? Well, we managed to sneak a peek at their calendars, and here's how the next few months are shaping up. Looks like it's going to be a vacation for the ages ... and by "ages," of course, we mean "the 19th Century."

» Finally getting around to watching "Breaking Bad."

» "Country" Winston Marshall to travel England in a covered wagon, peddling patented medicines, liniments and tonics.

» Much hootin' and hollerin,' perhaps even some carryin' on.

» Someone gets Typhus.

» Complaining about how iOS7 looks on their Hande-Held Telegraph Machines.

» Attempting to figure out how they were duped into recording "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" for William Henry Harrison's Log Cabin Campaign.

» Riding around on Penny-farthings.

» Marcus Mumford trades in his old Victor Talking Machine for an Orthophonic Victrola with "five-tube Radiola tuned radio frequency receiver."

» Just being like "So, Miley Cyrus, huh?" then whistling softly.

» Planning a world tour for 2014.