One Direction Hires Guitarist For Midnight Memories? Nope, It's Just Niall

Niall Horan will jam on the band's third album, out in November, and their producer opens up about it to MTV News.

You'll be hearing a lot of Niall Horan on the new One Direction album. The singer has confirmed that he will be playing guitar on 1D's November 25 release, Midnight Memories.

"If you listen to Midnight Memories you might hear someone you know on guitar occasionally!" he wrote. "I like playing the guitar a good bit!"

The guys have already teased that the release will have a "retro" vibe to it, with the group leaning toward a more "rock" sound than their previous two albums. Fans got an early taste of what Midnight Memories will sound like when they heard the album's lead single, "Best Song Ever."

According to "BSE" producer Julian Bunetta, One Direction know that this album is a make-it-or-break-it moment.

"I think ['Best Song Ever'] a perfect bridge between what they've done and where they want to go. They're a little more grown-up. I think it's a good transition into the rest of the album; it's going to be an incredible, incredible album. I'm really proud of the stuff we've done," he explained about working with the heartthrobs.

He added, "They're involved in every step of it, [from] the lyrics down to the mix. They're getting emails when they're on the tour bus, making comments. They know how important this album is for their career and longevity and they really want to make it count. It's not very often that you get to make a third album as an artist."

Some of those recording sessions with the producer were in the band's 3-D flick, "This Is Us", and Bunetta revealed that 1D have been incredibly hands-on while making the album.

"They really dictated it. The boys were the ones spearheading it and painting the picture of what they wanted to do and what they wanted it to sound like. I think it's just kind of showing the fans where they're at now, getting inside their heads," he said. "It's not changing the formula. It's just on this album they've had a lot of creative control and they're saying what they want to say and what they're feeling; what they're going through and they want to share it with their fans."