Next 'Avengers' Villain Ultron Gets Blessing From Loki Himself

Tom Hiddleston tells MTV News that he 'absolutely loves' the direction of the superhero sequel.

Toronto — As excited as most people were to hear that James Spader had been cast as the big bad guy in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," there was also a bittersweet aspect to the announcement. It symbolically ended the reign of Loki and Tom Hiddleston as the series' main villain.

Speaking with Hiddleston at the Toronto International Film Festival, MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked the former "Avengers" nemesis what he thinks of the new casting. Always the class act, he was ecstatic. "I love it," he said. "Absolutely love it."

"I always knew [Joss Whedon] would make a good choice," Hiddleston continued. "James Spader I've been a fan of for as long as I can remember. I saw him in 'Lincoln,' and it felt like I haven't seen James Spader for a while. I thought he was wonderful in it."

Hiddleston, better than any other person on the face of the Earth, knows what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the Avengers and live to talk about it, so his endorsement of Spader certainly bodes well. "I think he'll be able to play very interesting tennis with Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo," he said. "I'd say don't try to belittle the Hulk in any way."

And even though fans are already preparing to leave Loki behind as an Avengers villain, we're not quite done with the god of mischief just yet. He'll appear alongside his adopted brother, Thor, in the god of thunder's upcoming sequel "The Dark World," which could be the last time we see Loki. If that's the case, Hiddleston feels confident that it provides proper closure for the character.

"It's great. I've had the most amazing run," he said. "He's been very, very good to me."

"Thor: The Dark World" opens in theaters on November 8.