Lil Twist Won't Let The 'Bullsh--' Justin Bieber Stories 'Crumble' Him

'They're doin' their job, man,' Twist tells MTV News about the paps.

Lil Twist has been making plenty of headlines, and most of the time, it isn't because of his music. The Young Money rapper has run into some legal trouble and has seen his friendship with Justin Bieber come into question, with many sites and news outlets often dubbing Twist a bad influence on the pop star. Still, the 20-year-old doesn't let the bad press get to him.

"They're doin' their job, man. They're doing what we do," Twist told MTV News of the publications and online outlets that he feels shine him in a bad light. "Like how we go to the studio and we go and record to make music and we make money off of that to support our families; if they didn't come up with bullsh-- stories and post it, they can't get no money from it."

In May, he was stopped for speeding while driving the Biebs' Ferrari, and in July, Twist was arrested for a DUI while driving Justin's high-end vehicle. In August, he was named in a battery report. Twist couldn't speak to MTV News about any of the charges against him but did suggest that all the reports are accurate and that some reporters embellish on the facts — he didn't specify how.

"They just twist — they add some sh--, they add a lot of sh-- to a lot of stuff that comes out," he claimed. "I don't even pay attention to the media any more. I've been into a few accidents, I ran into a few mistakes, but I'm young. You were young before — you have to learn."

Twist maintains that he and Bieber are close friends despite all of the drama. "That's really my brother," he said of his "Twerk" collaborator. "I met Justin when he was 14. I was 15 and we became friends as soon as we linked."

Instead of dwelling on the negative, the Lil Wayne protégé aims to turn it all positive on his upcoming mixtape, aptly titled, A Bad Influence. "I can't let it crumble me, I'm just really focused right now and I'm really focused on [A Bad Influence] and putting out these mixtapes," he said.