Katy Perry Fans Pounding Chests With Pride For 'Roar' Video

Oh My Roar: KatyCats are swinging from virtual vines after new Jungle Jane-themed clip finally premieres.

Katy Perry finally dropped her jungle-set "Roar" video on Thursday (September 5), and fans are generally pounding their chests with pride for the singer.

The "Roar" video — for the lead single from her upcoming Prism — tells the "Lost"-like tale of Perry and her vain boyfriend. Not long after the couple find themselves marooned on a desert island, Perry's beau meets a ghastly fate at the claws of a tiger.

But rather than succumb to fear, Perry gets all Darwin and adapts, becoming a regular Jane of the Jungle with help from her pal Ripley the monkey. Naturally, she remains perfectly groomed almost the entire time, improvising with fruits and flowers in lieu of her neighborhood Sephora.

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KatyCats were certainly struck by Perry's look in the video. @beccaburkawits quite cannibalistic-ly tweeted, "Katy Perry looks so pretty in the roar video. Like can I have your skin please and thank you," while @xwellf---you vibed out on Perry's ensemble, including her taste for spots.

Some fans were just too overwhelmed for words. @jourdannh just barely eked out a tweet reading, "I'm actually crying after watching this. @katyperry wow...amazing."

@RoarOutLoud_ agreed, tweeting, "TEARS OF HAPPINESS OH MY ROAR," while @PrettiRECKLESS finished watching the video feeling completely fulfilled.

Some, however, had some suggestions about how to improve upon the Tarzan-inspired video. @MsLanieeee had a hard-core suggestion as a matter of fact.

Make it happen, Katy!

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