Katy Perry Trades Boyfriend For A Monkey In 'Roar' Teaser

Get jealous, John Mayer — Ripley's moving in on your girl.

Watch out John Mayer: if you and Katy Perry were to get marooned on desert island — your life promptly taken by a ravenous tiger — Perry would probably just trade you in for a monkey. At least, that is, if life were anything like Perry's new video for "Roar," off of her upcoming album Prism.

As we wait for Perry's official "Roar" video to drop Thursday (September 5), the "Dark Horse" singer and her team have been releasing a ton of behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot. In one, Perry explains her budding relationship in the vid with Ripley the monkey.

"We are just kind of becoming friends," she said. "I've met him along the way on my journey, because unfortunately I was in a bit of a plane crash, and my boyfriend got eaten by the tiger, who I'll have to face off with at the very end of the music video."

After suffering this "Lost"-like turn of events, Perry finds herself with only a hairbrush and her phone, which naturally she uses to take a selfie with Ripley — despite low battery power. "I do want to get this selfie of me and the monkey, because I've never had a monkey on me," she said. The hairbrush, likely, came in handy when fixing her hair with tropical flowers for what we can only assume is an attempt at camouflage.

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Judging from the behind-the-scenes video, we can expect a lot of jungle antics when Perry's video drops, including some very Tarzan and Jane outfits. The better to the fool the tiger with, it seems.