Daft Punk 'Lose Yourself To Dance' Video Only Took A Phone Call, Nile Rodgers Reveals

'It was that simple,' producer tells MTV News of latest collaboration with electronic duo.

When Daft Punk stepped out with collaborators Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams at the 2013 Video Music Awards, their entrance was heralded by a brief music video for "Lose Yourself to Dance," the first such video to be uploaded to the duo's official Vevo page. Although the clip is replete with Soul Train-esque flash and sparkle, Rodgers told MTV News that the whole deal was a pretty simple affair.

"The Daft Punk video came about like this: 'Hey Nile, what are you doing?' 'I'm in Europe.' 'Can you get over here and do a music video?' 'Sure, OK, cool.' It was that simple," Rodgers told MTV News backstage at the VMAs. "We had such a great time making the record that we bonded in such a way that's probably, you know, a lifelong bond. So doing the video was nothing. It was my pleasure and honor to do it."

A guitarist, producer and composer, Rodgers has collaborated with an array of artists over his career, including David Bowie, Diana Ross and Madonna. After working with Daft Punk on their album Random Access Memories, the musician also plans to hook up with the French electronic duo to finish up some of his own music, including solo material and previously unreleased tracks from his band, Chic.

Rodgers also has collaborations in the works with Avicii, David Guetta and Adam Lambert, according to Billboard. "It's a good year for me and dance music," he said.

With regard to the possibility of upcoming Daft Punk live shows, Rodgers said cagily, "Something might happen." Here's hoping such an undertaking will be similarly simple.