'Vampire Academy': Why The Sex Scene Was So 'Hot And Steamy'

On our VMA All Access live stream, Zooey Deutch tells MTV News what it was like getting naked onscreen.

For all of the "Vampire Academy" fans who have watched and rewatched the trailer for the YA adaptation, you know there's lots of fighting, lots of partying and a sultry bit of sex. With all the lust and the charm going on in our first glimpse of the movie, MTV News thought we'd ask star Zoey Deutch herself about what it was like to film the sexy scenes.

"Mom, they're making me feel weird," Deutch, who plays dhampir Rose Hathaway, cried out during our VMA All Access live stream. We had to ask, given that she and Danila Kozlovsky pulled in the most questions online.

Why are "Academy" fans so amped up about the scene? Zooey has an idea.

"That's because he's so hot and steamy," she said about Kozlovsky. "What do I say? I'm naked!"

Deutch said the romance aspect is "vital" to the film, and despite her onscreen vulnerability, the scene wasn't that awkward.

"No, not at all because I can't express to you — Danila, who plays Dimitri, the naked one there on his back, everyone should be like him. He is one of the greatest people I've ever met, so he has worked on a lot of films where he's had to do much more, um, intimate things than that.

"And he's very giving — that sounds wrong —, he was very respectful of me in the process, and it's fine 'cause we're such close friends."

The pair became close over the course of the shoot, but interestingly enough they never screen-tested together during the film's casting. Zooey just supposes they got lucky.

"It was weird because we have a lot of chemistry," she said. "I mean, he could have chemistry with this carpet. He's just awesome. I love him."