Will Twenty One Pilots Still Be In Their Undies At The VMAs?

'To actually being involved is one of the coolest feelings ever,' singer Tyler Joseph says of the duo's nomination at Sunday night's show.

Sunday night might be the first time that Twenty One Pilots are officially invited to the MTV Video Music Awards, but the Ohio rock duo have spent years doing their research while waiting for the big moment.

"I remember a couple of years ago I was watching the VMAs in my underwear on my couch," said lead singer Tyler Joseph of the days before his band was nominated for Artist to Watch at Sunday night's big show. "And that just tells you right there how I feel about this thing ... Going from calling [drummer] Josh [Kun] up and being like, 'Hey, you want to come over and let's watch these?' To actually being involved is one of the coolest feelings ever."

The jump from the couch to the broadcast represents the difference between having nothing to do with the VMAs to being nominated alongside other buzzed-about acts as VMA pre-show performer Austin Mahone, Iggy Azalea, the Weeknd and Zedd. "It's an honor, really," he said.

OK, you're excited, but who's your mom rooting for?

Joseph was pretty sure his mom thinks he's the best out of all the nominees. Well, probably. And he suspected Kun's mom felt the same way. Probably. "Yeah, they would both agree," said Kun, known for his acrobatic backflips
 and bone rattling live drumming.

"Or is she a big Austin Mahone fan?" Joseph wondered, second-guessing himself. "Yeah, I ... I'll have to ask her about that," a suddenly unsure Kun said. "She was saying stuff about that, I think she voted for somebody else maybe. I'll have to talk to her again."