Jason Sudeikis And Jennifer Aniston's Road Trip Hits: Watch Them Sing!

The 'Rent' soundtrack entertained many of Sudeikis' family members, he tells MTV News.

Playing an onscreen family, even a fake one like in "We're the Millers," takes a level of openness and intimacy that might seem strange or completely random to non-actors. Take Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston for example. In "We're the Millers," the two funny stars pose as a husband and wife team, so we have to believe that's why a recent MTV News interview got a little loopy.

"We're the Millers" tells the story of a low-life drug dealer (Sudeikis) that becomes a drug smuggler when an insane business man (Ed Helms) forces him into the gig. To get the weed out of Mexico, he turns to a stripper (Aniston), asking her to pose as his fake wife and the mother of his fake children (Will Poulter and Emma Roberts) in order to get past border patrol.

When MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with Sudeikis and Aniston for an interview, they talk about how their characters sing in the car during their road trip. Sudeikis drew a parallel to his own family history when they would sing Broadway tunes in the car. "I remember we used to sing the 'Rent' soundtrack a lot," he said. "I just met Taye Diggs at the ESPYs."

Aniston could not believe the song choice. "Like 'Light My Candle'?" she asked.

"Exactly like 'Light My Candle,' " he said before showing off his own rendition of the song, which — as Sudeikis pointed out — is a duet, but Aniston refused to join in. It seems that the spousal support doesn't extend to off-screen situations

"We're the Millers" opens in theaters Wednesday (August 7).