Amanda Bynes Denied Request To Leave Psychiatric Hold

Bynes' request to leave her 5150 hold early was denied by a judge on Thursday, according to a new report.

After appearing before a judge on Thursday, Amanda Bynes has been denied the right to leave psychiatric hold, according to a new report.

Bynes' attorney argued that there is no legal basis for the 27-year-old to remain in the hospital because she is not a danger to others and is able to take care of herself, sources close to the situation confirmed to TMZ. During the meeting with the judge, held at the psychiatric facility where she is currently staying, the judge decided that Bynes should stay there.

Bynes was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward in California last week after she set a small fire in a stranger's driveway. Bynes was not arrested in the case, later it was reported she is not expected to be charged. But, after initially being placed on a 5150 hold on July 23, it was extended to an additional two weeks on July 26.

What Happens During A 5150 Hold?

On July 26 her parents' initial bid at a conservatorship was denied since Bynes is still under her psychiatric hold, Judge Glen M. Reiser decided. The judge set a new conservatorship hearing for August 9 to determine who will control Bynes' affairs. Reiser noted she hopes that the actress will appear at the hearing, alongside her appointed lawyer, Mary Shea.

Take A Look At Amanda Bynes: Then And Now.

Earlier this week, Bynes' former "All That" co-star Nick Cannon penned an open letter to his friend and "sister." "We need each other to in times of despair," he wrote. "No one can make it through anything alone. So I ask people who are quick to judge, tweet, report, or comment to ask yourself, 'What if that person was my sister? My brother? My Mother? Or me? What then would I say?' "