Flo Rida Responds To Diplo After 'Booty' Beef

Flo denied Diplo's claims that the 'Can't Believe It' clip rips off Diplo during MTV's 'RapFix Live.'

Earlier this week, Diplo took umbrage with Flo Rida — we believe he called him "a f--- ass f---boi" — over the kaleidoscopic display of keisters in Flo's new "Can't Believe It" video. It seems like Dip felt said video too similar to his own "Butter's Theme" clip, and boy, did he let his displeasure be known.

"I'm goin' to toilet paper the trees in front of Flo Rida's mansion. If you want u can ride or die with me. Also bring eggs," Diplo wrote on Twitter. "I'll totally fight Flo Rida in a street fight and totally get my ass whooped. But I'll fight anyway cuz I'll fight for what I believe in."

Of course, in a subsequent tweet, Dip admitted that his beef with the brawny MC was "kinda lame," though that didn't stop him from changing his Twitter handle to "Diplo-Rida."

In the days since that Twitter outburst, the story has only picked up steam ... so, when Flo Rida stopped by MTV's "RapFix Live" on Wednesday, we had to ask him whether or not he fears for the safety of his Florida mansion, and the similarities between the "Can't Believe It" and "Butter's Theme" videos.

And while he didn't say much, but Flo let it be known that he didn't rip off anybody ... in fact, he says "Can't Believe It" is merely an homage to ass-masters of the past.

"[The] only thing stands out in that is the fact that I thank God I can afford a mansion," he laughed. "I haven't even seen the ['Butter's Theme'] video, but shout out to Sir Mix-A-Lot, 2 Live Crew who definitely inspired my video."

And as for Diplo's barbs? Well, Flo Rida wasn't about to get into all that.

"For someone like him," he said, "I just wish him the best of luck on his career."