Shailene Woodley Sets 'Spider-Man' Record Straight

'I think it's smart, honestly,' she told MTV News of her removed scenes.

Shailene Woodley's role in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" has been the source of much controversy since the filmmaker announced recently that Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's iconic girlfriend (and later wife), would not make an appearance in the sequel. During an interview with MTV News about her new film "The Spectacular Now," Woodley explained that the decision to remove her work was actually a great one for the upcoming sequel.

"I think it's smart, honestly," she told Josh Horowitz. "Looking back at it, MJ was in I think four scenes. I shot three days and they were good scenes, but they were also like 45-second long scenes, and to introduce such a vital character like that doesn't make much sense in the end."

Woodley was to play the role that Kristen Dunst did in the original "Spider-Man" trilogy, the alluring redhead who enchanted Spider-Man after his relationship ended (we won't spoil how) with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy. The young actress said that the filmmakers' enthusiasm may have overridden their judgment, but they didn't realize that fact until after shooting was completed.

"In the beginning I don't think it was something anybody ever really thought about, because it was just like, OK, we'll introduce MJ in this one, and bring her back in the next," she remembered. "But then after they sort of started cutting it together, they realized that it didn't make much sense."

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When asked if she would be interested in returning for the third film, Woodley said she would be eager to do so, although that's pretty far off in the future as of right now. "There's not even a script for the third one," she revealed. "So it's one of those things where I would absolutely love to do it, but if 'Divergent' does well, hopefully timing would work out."