When Hunter Hayes Isn't Singing, He's 'Wrestling Alligators'

'Wanted' singer gives us a taste of music festival life in 'For the Love of Music' episode.

Hayniacs may still have to wait a few more months until Hunter Hayes' Let's Be Crazy Tour kicks off in October, but that hasn't stopped the singer from playing shows across the country all summer long.

In the latest episode of the CMT web series, "For the Love of Music," the "Wanted" singer opens up as to why summer festival season is his favorite time to get out and perform in front of his fans.

"Playing outdoor fairs and festivals is always a good release for us, 'cause a lot of the time we spend the early part of the year inside and getting outdoors is what you're supposed to do during the summer, right?"

Hayes says he gets inspired while traveling and revealed that many of his new singles off his debut album re-release, Encore, were created in his makeshift studio on his tour bus.

"It makes for a great inspiring place to work. I love writing back there," Hayes said of his bus studio. "It's all about that moment you come off stage and you've got all this energy and you're inspired by whatever just happened and you don't want to quit. You don't want to go to your bunk and go back to sleep; you want to get to work, you want to use that energy that 15,000 awesome fans just gave you and you want to channel that."

However, it's not all work on the road with Hayes, who admits that he makes time to explore what festival life has to offer, which can prove both fun and dangerous.

"We have a lot of fun on the road, especially during this season," Hayes said. "A lot of the usual, there's random golf cart rides that sometimes don't end well. There's encounters with live animals. You get stories from riding camels backstage and wrestling alligators with a wrap around their mouth."

Hayes' 12th annual CMT on Tour kicks off in Knoxville, Tennessee, on October 10.