Selena Gomez Says Stars Dance Kiss-Off 'Forget Forever' Is 'The Place I'm In'

Singer talks to MTV News about how her new album 'tastefully' represents who she's becoming.

Selena Gomez is having a bit of a hard time nailing down what her favorite track off her brand-new album Stars Dance is. Right now, it's a toss-up between two songs on the release, which just hit stores on Tuesday (July 23).

"It changes every day. I would say 'Birthday,' which obviously coincides perfectly [with my actual birthday], but I don't know. [My favorite song] changes. I think I would have to say probably 'Forget Forever' is a great song on the album. I think that's definitely the place that I'm in," she told MTV News about the kiss-off track. "It's really beautiful song. It's very anthem-y, so I love it."

It's hard not to think she might be referencing her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber on the chorus when she declares, "Our love was made to rule the world/ You came and broke the perfect girl." And in a particularly feisty moment, later on, she warns, "Forget forever/ Forget you ever knew my name."

And, given just how much speculation there is on her personal life, Gomez admits that she wasn't skittish to hit the studio and use her real life as inspiration for the album.

"The way I record and I tell my stories and the way I want to tell my life, it's much different. So I never get really afraid," she explained. "I always want to do it in a positive way, in a beautiful way, in a fun way. So anything I recorded or put out is just stuff that I know represents me tastefully."

Not only does the album reflect where she might stand in her love life, but also independently as a 21-year-old woman. "It's not something just wanting to make a statement. It's just kind of acknowledging the fact that I'm turning 21 and that I am becoming a woman," she said. "And, it's beautiful for me to kind of apply that to my music.

"I got to push myself," she added. "I don't want to stay in one place. So I really am happy with how it's kind of turned out."