One Direction's 'Best Song Ever' Has Fans 'Screaming': 'This Is My Soul'

1D will officially release song on Monday, the same day the video is slated to premiere.

While it doesn't officially hit the streets until Monday, One Direction's upbeat new single, "Best Song Ever," has hit the 'Net early, leaving fans squealing with delight, calling it "different," "perfect" and ... the "best song ever." "I'm screaming," one fan added.

The version that surfaced Wednesday opens with a riff that sounds very similar to the Who's "Baba O'Riley" and is all about the guys going out, meeting girls and dancing all night to, you guessed it, the best song ever.

With its stomp-along beat, the song keeps up its lively pace, even if some of the lyrics are a bit unexpected — in some ways, they pay homage to Wheatus' quirky songwriting on "Teenage Dirtbag," a song frequently covered by the fab fivesome in concert. A memorable moment includes the lyrics, "She said her name was Georgia Rose/ And her daddy was a dentist/ Said I had a dirty mouth/ But she kissed me like she meant it."

The video will be released on the same day as the song. Based on two teases, the clip looks like it's angling for the best video ever prize. In it, the guys play characters inspired by Hollywood movers and shakers.

In a tease released on Tuesday, Niall Horan is dressed up as a fast-talking studio exec named Harvey. On Wednesday, Liam Payne's character was revealed. He'll play Leeroy, a headband-loving, fashion-forward choreographer.

Despite the leak, fans vowed to buy the song when it goes global on Monday. "Best Song Ever" is not only the featured track in their "This Is Us" movie trailer, but also serves as the first listen to their third album, rumored to be released by the holidays.