One Direction Recruits Fans To Write Their 'Best Song Ever'

Band releases a new teaser of the track, which will officially drop on Monday.

It's nearly the day all Directioners have been waiting for. Before One Direction's "Best Song Ever" drops on July 22, the guys are including their fans in the countdown by asking them to guess the lyrics the highly anticipated track.

The band released a 21-second tease of the song just on Monday (July 15) and requested that their loyal Directioners record Instagram videos of themselves finishing the lyrics to the song and then release them with the hashtag "#GuessBestSongEver." "You have 24 hours to get thinking/singing/posting!" the urged.

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Fans don't know much about the track, which is the first listen to their third album, rumored to be dropping by the holidays. Produced by Julian Bunetta, Ed Drewett, Wayne Hector and John Ryan, the up-tempo jam has the guys singing, "And we danced all night/ To the best song ever/ We knew every line/ But now I can't remember/ How it goes but I know/ That I won't forget her/ Cause we danced all night/ To the best song ever."

There have been some interesting guesses as to what lyrics just might make the final version of the single, so MTV News has rounded up some of the best.

Oopsangel joked she has no clue how to finish the song, despite being pretty crafty in the process: "How am I supposed to know/ The rest of best song ever/ I'm not creative/ And I'm not very clever."

Amiraryandini played up the song's obvious party theme: "I woke up this morning with this hangover/ What the hell happened/ Oh I wish I'm sober."

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