Mumford & Sons' 'Babel' Video: Watch It Now!

In their new video, Mumford get repetitive ... and the formula works.

Aside from the occasional emergency brain surgery, Mumford & Sons' daily routine remains unchanged: Wake up, don't shave, play a show somewhere, sell more records, play song Ping Pong, repeat.

And while Mumford have already made sly comments about the monotony of life on the road in their "Whispers in the Dark" video — in that they went to great lengths to point out just how extraordinary the ordinary could be — they're doing it again in their brand new "Babel" clip, going to great lengths to show just how unending their cycle truly is. It may seem like they're rehashing old material, but, hey, these dudes are eternally on tour.

This time out, they take an artful approach: as the camera slowly pans across a gorgeous, yet dilapidated, hall — one equally filled with gilded arches and graffiti — the band perform, over and over, often times overlapping. Sure, we're wise enough to realize that this was all done in post (unless Mumford and Co. can teleport), but it's still a thrill to watch the latticework of this clip, and if one considers the treadmill this band has been on for the better part of four years now, well, it works on an entirely different level.

Because, sure, each day is essentially the same, and each performance probably doesn't vary all that much from the one that came before it, but at least Mumford & Sons are still trying to make the mundane marvelous. It would be easy for a band of their caliber, with a schedule like theirs, to simply lay it up ... but with this new video, they show that they're willing to go to great lengths on every endeavor. As if their touring sched didn't already prove that point.