'The Heat': Melissa McCarthy Was 'Horrified' Picking Sandra Bullock's Nose

The duo talks to MTV News about the scene that made McCarthy 'so damn nervous.'

The new film "The Heat" aspires to recast a typical Hollywood buddy-cop movie with unconventional, but equally capable stars: rather choosing than two buff guys, Paul Feig enlisted "Bridesmaids" star Melissa McCarthy and "Miss Congeniality" star Sandra Bullock to be the oil-and-water team that takes down the bad guys. But the pair tells MTV News that the biggest challenge they faced was one where they squared off against one another — over a peanut.

"It was pretty surreal," Melissa McCarthy said about the scene in which she was forced to retrieve a peanut from Bullock's nostril. "At one point I'm like, 'oh, she didn't really put it up there.' And then right before I stopped — I still am horrified by this — it really was up there, and I saw that she had shoved it. While we were shooting, I got so damn nervous. I thought, if I hit it too hard, it's going to kill her!"

Another of the challenges McCarthy and Bullock faced was dancing, in a scene where the two of them decide to take out a tray of alcoholic beverages. McCarthy revealed that they declined to use a choreographer because their movements needed to feel natural and spontaneous.

"If we're at the point in the night where we should probably dance, then it can't be choreographed," McCarthy explained.

Bullock continued, "We call it peak drinking, when you've peaked and you either think that you can sing, or you're a really good dancer. We chose to think that we we're really good dancers."

"It's like when you're in high school and you're like, 'Let's do this routine for everybody; they're going to love it!' But our crew didn't love it so much."

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