Kendrick Lamar Says Yeezus Helps 'New Cats' Drake, J. Cole

Lamar tells MTV News he 'salutes' Kanye West's album for paving the way for newer rappers.

DOVER, DelawareKanye West's Yeezus album was deemed everything from artistic to aggressive, but one thing was for certain — it was something fans, including Kendrick Lamar, couldn't wait to get their hands on.

"It was hard for me to grasp it on the first take," K-Dot told MTV News at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. "I got it, but as I kept listening throughout the week, I understood where he was going and that was him stepping out of the box again and doing what he felt.

And as an artist, we all need to take heat into that and salute that because, at the end of the day, it's so much we can do following radio, following the politics in the business so for somebody to come back again and do what they want, it helps out new cats like myself, Cole, Drake, whoever, so salute."

Recognizing that Kanye stretched boundaries with his sixth studio album, which will hit #1 on Billboard's album chart, Lamar admitted he appreciates and understands the message Yeezy was trying to convey.

"My interpretation is, man, it's crazy how you come through with a distorted beat and still tap the realm of hip-hop and put some hardcore raps on it," Lamar said. "So I digest it, digest it and he continues to break rules."

The unconventional album, with the lack of a proper single and its experimental sounds, doesn't necessarily fit in a specific genre, but according to Lamar, that's what makes it so great.

"I'm good with the fact that it don't have any classification, or trying to classify anything in particular," he said. "I think it's just music, period and if it's universal, if it can touch everybody in the world that's a beautiful thing too."