Action Bronson Says 'Strictly 4 My Jeeps' Remix Definitely Isn't 'Accidental Racist'

Bronson got Queens legends LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks to contribute verses to his remix.

Action Bronson only operates on a super-sized scale — take, for example, his beard, or the female dancers in his new "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" video — so when it came time to line-up co-stars for the "Jeeps" remix, well, the Queens MC went big, scoring verses from a pair of local heroes: LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks.

"I mean, LL is a legend, Lloyd Banks is a legend; he's one of my favorites. I was thinking of who to get on a Queens remix, and I felt that LL definitely needed to be on that — it's his song, that's an old EPMD/LL Cool J song called 'Rampage,' and he killed it," Bronson told MTV News. "And Lloyd Banks ... I had met him a while ago, in L.A., at Alchemist's house, [and] he just killed it. I mean, it's Queens."

And for a kid who grew up in Flushing, worshipping LL and Banks, landing them on the "Jeeps" remix was a dream come true; and it also showed just how far he's come in the industry in just three short years.

"It shows you kinda that you're out here; LL's not just doing songs with just anybody. He's on 'NCIS,' for God's sakes," Bronson joked. "He's a movie star also, it's not like he's just a normal guy. I was watching 'Deliver Us From Eva' and he's in the movie. It's a good feeling; to have people effing with the movement and effing with the music."

Of course, Bronson's not the only one who benefitted from "Jeeps" ... the way he sees it, LL's verse also helped him rehabilitate his image a bit after his ill-fated Brad Paisley collaboration, "Accidental Racist" left fans scratching their heads.

"After that little mishap he had with the "Accidental Racist,' I think people in hip hop forgave him a little bit with the verse he laid down for me," Bronson laughed. "So, it's all good, you know?"