Austin Mahone Teases Debut Album With EDM... And Cash Money?

'What About Love' singer opens up to MTV News about his RedOne-produced debut, out later this year

Austin Mahone is putting his heartbreak to a dance beat on his brand-new single, "What About Love." And with his debut album set for release later this year, fans should expect to hear a lot more fist-pumping anthems from the singer.

"It's going great. I'm actually going back to L.A. in a week to finish it up for good. Most of the songs on the album are going to sound like 'What About Love,' kind of like that EDM, like I said, old school/new school," he told MTV News on Monday during "Live From MTV" during which he opened up about his music. "It's a different sound, different from 'Say Something' or 'Say You're Just A Friend' and I really feel like people are going to enjoy it."

As for tracks like "Say Something," which Mahone has released ahead of his 2013 debut, he's still figuring out if they will make the final cut of the album. He added, "I mean I'm not really sure, it might be but I'm really focusing on the new stuff."

That new stuff is being executive-produced by "What About Love" producer RedOne, who knows a thing or two about creating dance-floor hits, having banked studio time with Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. "He did the entire album. It's cool 'cause I play guitar and piano and all that, so I got to put some of that on the songs. It was kind of like a collaboration. Working with RedOne in the studio, he's just so energetic," the teen star explained. "He really feels the music. It was amazing working with him for months."

As for potential collaborations, Mahone wouldn't confirm or deny who might join him on the album. The 17-year-old said, "You'll just have to wait and see."

And, considering that some of his pals are in the Cash Money family (he's an ambassador for Lil Wayne's Trukfit clothing line), might you see Weezy or Drake on the fall album? "You'll just have to wait and see. Maybe," he teased.