Lamb Of God Fans 'Thank God It's Over' After Randy Blythe Not Guilty Appeal Ruling

Blythe was found not guilty by a Czech Republic court of appeals earlier this week.

Randy Blythe's long road to redemption finally ended this week. The Lamb of God singer was found not guilty by an appeals court panel in the Czech Republic on Wednesday, ending his two-year battle to clear his name in a manslaughter case
 tied to a fan's death in 2010 at one of the band's shows.

"He handled this in a very mature and grown up manner. A lesson we all could learn from," wrote fan Francis Balliet on the Loudwire site in reaction to the news of the appeals court verdict, which is final.

"A heavy weight off his shoulders, now he can continue his life and his respect towards the victim's family was well-received," wrote another. "Good to hear the news now it's all over and done with," said a fellow commenter, while Chicago fan Raven A. Knight posted, "Thank God it's over! Glad with the results, Randy can go on with his life. Maybe we can learn from this story. Randy has my respect for what he has been through!"

Fans were equally excited about the verdict on the Metalsucks site, where one wrote, "Cheers & Congrats, classy metal dude."

Blythe was acquitted
 in March in the death of 19-year-old fan Daniel Nosek, who he was accused of pushing from the stage during a LOG show in Prague on March 24, 2010. Nosek fell and hit his head on the concrete floor and later died of his injuries. The singer was arrested at the Prague airport in the summer of 2012 and spent five weeks in custody.