'World War Z': Brad Pitt Got Muse To Rock Zombie Apocalypse

Actor needed a scary, anthemic sound for latest movie, he tells MTV News.

For a horror film to really hit home and scare the crap out of the audience, it takes sounds that match the sights in terrifying power, and Brad Pitt took that to heart when he was making "World War Z." The A-lister has a producer credit on the enormous zombie apocalypse flick in addition to starring in it, and on the red-carpet premiere for "World War Z," Pitt told MTV News correspondent Iggy Azalea how Muse fit the bill for the soundtrack.

With "World War Z," in theaters June 21, Pitt wanted to find a song that could be associated with the zombie film like the now iconic "Tubular Bells" is connected to "The Exorcist."

"Two years ago, we wanted to find — remember the theme from 'The Exorcist'? It's called 'Tubular Bells,' " Pitt said. "We wanted to find something like that."

While that search began, the English rock band Muse released their most recent album, The 2nd Law, and the whole thing worked out for the best.

"At the same time, these guys were reading the book, unbeknownst to us, and were fans of the book. They wrote the album that's out now, 'The 2nd Law.' On it, we found the song, 'The 2nd Law,' that we thought was exactly what we were looking for for the film," Pitt said. "It just kind of worked out in a nice, kismet kind of way."

The pairing grew into something more than just a featured slot on the soundtrack. As you can check out in the video above, Muse also played an enormous concert at the premiere.