Flo Rida's Manager On His Game 7 Ejection: 'We Go Hard In Dade County'

'When they got physical, I got vocal' Lee 'Freezy' Prince tells MTV News after getting the boot from Game 7.

There wasn't much drama on the court during Monday night's winner-take-all Game 7 showdown between the Miami Heat and the upstart Indiana Pacers, as Lebron James and Co. blew Indy out of the building ... but off the court, well, that was a different matter entirely.

With just over two minutes left in the game — and the Heat up by 26 — things got a little chippy between the Pacers' Jeff Pendergraph and Miami's Norris Cole. Both players would end up being ejected for their brief scrap (NBA officials: nothing, if not reactionary), and, as Pendergraph was in the process of leaving the court, he got into a rather zesty war of words with a Heat fan seated behind the Indiana bench ... who just so happened to be rapper Flo Rida's manager, Lee "Freezy" Prince.

Neither Pendergraph or Prince seemed ready to back down, and neither did several other members of the Pacers. So, fearing the worst, American Airlines Arena security — and at least one uniformed police officer — intervened (you can see a .GIF of the action here). As a result, Prince was also ejected from the game ... and earned a modicum of Internet celebrity in the process.

So, hours after he got the boot from Game 7, we emailed Prince to get his side of the story. And let's just say he wasn't repentant.

"The feeling of the Miami Heat win became too much for them, so when they got physical I got vocal," Prince wrote. "I'm not a fair weather fan; we go hard in Dade County."

Prince expressed similar sentiments on his Instagram account hours after his ejection, posting a photo of him mid-shout along with the caption "Fool, I'm from DADE COUNTY!!!" And, as it turns out, he didn't even get to miss the Heat's victory celebration: following the game, he even got to chill with Lebron ... proving that sometimes it pays to rep the home team. Hope you're paying attention, Weezy.