B.o.B., 2 Chainz Synch Up With 'Headband' Video

MTV News checks out the set for the duo's music video, where we see synchronized swimming, ladies and, of course, headbands.

We already know that B.o.B. is out of this world and 2 Chainz screams his "I'm Different" mantra at every turn, so you had to figure when the two finally collaborated on a music video it would be something that hip-hop hasn't quite seen before.

"The whole concept for 'Headband' is creating visuals with synchronized swimming, just on land with females," Bobby Ray told MTV News on Thursday while on set for the "Headband" video. "It's actually referenced from classic footage and dancers doing this type of arrangement."

The video's unique concept matches the freshness of the DJ Mustard-produced track. The song opens with a lighthearted a capella "Whistle While You Work" inspired tune, before the snare drum drops to give it a steady pace. Lyrically, the song features a ton of clever and fun punchlines. "I shine bright, I'll give ya girl a slight tan," Bob raps.

2 Chainz, of course, adds his usual wit. "Day you can f--- with me that will be Neveruary/ Dead-ass rappers should've came with a cemetery," he rhymes.

"It's just a fun record. Sometimes everything don't need to be serious," B.o.B told us. "Sometimes motherf---ers just wanna dance."

B.o.B. recorded the track out in Los Angeles and collaborated with Bay-Area MC Mistah F.A.B. to write the hook, but to shoot the videos he had to come back to his native Atlanta. "It's a real creative concept, but it's still something that you can look at and enjoy," he said.