Big Boi's Knee Wreck Caught On Tape: Watch Now!

Injured Outkast MC is jumping in place when he apparently strains something onstage in Illinois.

Big Boi is on the road to recovery, but things got scary for Sir Lucious Left Foot when an ill-fated jump ended his set in Chillicothe, Illinois, over the weekend.

The OutKast MC was performing at the Summer Camp Festival when he jumped in the air to accentuate the final guitar lick, just as he was ending a song and his band was winding down. On Friday (May 31) TMZ got their hands on the video. In the minute-long clip, Big lands completely wrong and can be seen mouthing "my knee, my knee" before he limps to the back of the stage.

According to Big Boi, he'll now be on the sidelines for six weeks because of the injured knee. That means he will also have to reschedule the remaining dates on his Shoes for Running Tour, which supports his latest album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

A day after the injury, Big Boi posted a picture of himself standing on crutches in a cast, writing that he would seek treatment in his Atlanta hometown: "Injured my leg on stage yesterday headed to the A for some test #TooTurntUp #Turndownforwhat." Later in the week, he posted another photo, this time of him in a wheelchair with his leg wrapped and elevated. "God Bless Atlanta Sports medicine for a successful Knee Surgery fixed my torn Patella #Jesus," he wrote on Twitter.

Big Boi's OutKast partner, Andre 3000, had some sad news of his own to cope with. Earlier this week, it was reported that the rapper lost his mother, Sharon Benjamin-Hodo, who died Monday in her Atlanta home. Benjamin-Hodo played a management role during the duo's early days. "#RestinParadise to my other Mother Mrs.B," Big tweeted in support.