'Arrested Development': First-Episode Cameo Had Jason Bateman Frazzled

Bateman admits to mistaking 'Workaholics' trio for athletes while filming.

Ever wonder if the cast of your current favorite zany workplace sitcom wandered onto the set of an already cancelled but still beloved sitcom? Well, that's what happened for a brief moment when the trio from Comedy Central's "Workaholics" met up with Michael Bluth and Co. in the first episode of the revived "Arrested Development."

Back in August, word first leaked that the boys from "Workaholics" would make a guest appearance on the show when Jason Bateman tweeted a picture from the "Arrested" set.

Since then, the twitpic left many fans wondering what exactly the trio were up to. Along with Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Ron Howard, Isla Fisher, Terry Crews, John Krasinski (just to name a few) as guest stars, fans were pleasantly surprised to find the crew from Rancho Cucamonga included in the "Arrested" mix.

That question was finally answered when the new season of "Arrested" premiered early Sunday (May 26) on Netflix. And even if you didn't stay up watching the entire 15-episode season, you only had to catch the opener to see what the "Workaholics" were up to.


With their trademark cracks and off-the-cuff dialogue, the boys didn't disappoint as behind-the-counter airline employees. They pop up toward the end of the episode giving down-on-his-luck Michael Bluth a hard time for trying to snag a copy of their in-flight magazine, which he's featured in, sans airplane ticket.

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"They were great. I really enjoyed them a lot," Jason Bateman told MTV News about working with the comedy threesome. Bateman, who was shooting at the Burbank airport at the time, was unfamiliar with the show and confused at the reaction Blake, Anders and Adam were getting.

"Somebody came up and asked one of the guys for their autographs and he signed the autograph and I look up at him and the guy walks away with the autograph and I'm saying, 'I'm so sorry. What are you, why did he just ask you for your autograph? Are you an athlete? What sport do you play?' " joked Bateman.

After explaining to Bateman that they were, in fact, not athletes, but fellow sitcom stars, Jason made sure to see what all the hype was about. "They were very sweet and kindly explained to me what show they were on and I got with it later," said Bateman.

Here's hoping for a Jason Bateman/Michael Bluth cameo in the new season of "Workaholics."