Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez's Backstage Kiss: Fans Say 'Stop The Drama'

After the two were caught kissing after the Billboard Music Awards, fans have a message for the gossip lovers.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are keeping everyone guessing about their relationship status after they were spotted chatting backstage at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards. With just one kiss on the cheek, the pop stars got the rumor mill spinning about just what might be happening between the two of them. But fans have a message for anyone harping on the couple's relationship status: "Stop the drama!"

And while Bieber wanted everyone to get their focus off the "bull" and get back to the "craft" when he hit the stage to claim his Milestone Award, the backstage kiss put all the attention back on their relationship.

Bieber was standing around the backstage area, when Gomez, Taylor Swift and a woman with red hair were passing through. Gomez stopped to talk to Bieber, as the woman with red hair tried to pull her away. And in the GIF seen round the world, when Bieber and Gomez kissed on the cheek, Swift stuck out her tongue.

That moment got almost as much attention as the backstage encounter. @yoshikokesya tweeted, "giving the tongue out when selena kiss justin on the cheek. priceless."

However, fans also had something to say about the latest twist in their highly publicized relationship. "Done with Jelena drama. Justin needs all the support he can get and if Selena gives that to him and makes him happy then I'm happy too," @HonoringBiebs tweeted.

It was a sentiment mirrored by other fans, including @_BelieberDreams who added, "i don't care if justin's with selena or not. If he's happy, i'm happy so stop the drama."

After they were done chatting, she walked away with her pals. And then he also made his way out of the backstage area. But, as he was walking out, he realized a camera was rolling. He attempted to cover it, and then dodge it, before he exited.

Fans Deem Jelena The "Most Confusing Relationship."

So, as Bieber and Gomez keep fans guessing, @iJBieberGrande has this message for anyone keeping track of the ups and downs, tweeting, "This is what really irritates me about this fanbase yas focus on Justin's personal life too much, if he's back with Selena so be it.

@savingrauhl added, "i love justin and selena and whether or not they're together i want them to be happy."