Candice Glover Is 'Losing It' Over 'American Idol' Win

New champ's debut album, Music Speaks, is already available for pre-order and is due in July.

LOS ANGELES — Even though she was the odds-on favorite heading into Thursday night's (May 16) finale, Candice Glover still can't believe that she is the season 12 "American Idol."

"I definitely can't believe that I'm even standing here," she told MTV News backstage, fresh from her onstage confetti shower. "I thought I was going home from top 10 to now. Every week, I was like, 'Bye, y'all, because I thought it would be me. We would practice our save-me songs, thinking we were going to get cut, and I'd never get cut!"

It turned out the third time was, in fact, the charm for the South Carolina 23-year-old, who auditioned in seasons 10 and 11 before finally cracking the top 20 this year. Those past failures only made her ride all the way to the "Idol" crown that much sweeter.

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"I went through the first two years and getting eliminated and coming back," she recalled. "[I'd be] telling my parents, 'If I could just get to top 20, if I could just get to top 10, if I could just get my voice out there and get some voters and get a fanbase, then I'll be fine. I don't have to win.' And then I came and I won. I can't even tell you how I feel to say that. I don't know. I'm losing it."

And in record time, Glover's post-show album, Music Speaks, is already available for pre-order on iTunes and is expected to arrive July 16 — even though, so far, she's only recorded her coronation song, "I Am Beautiful."

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Next up for the diva, who duetted with kindred spirit and fellow "Idol" alum Jennifer Hudson during the finale, will be the American Idol Live! Tour. The 40-date jaunt kicks off in St. Louis at the end of June.

So what can tour-goers expect from their new "Idol" queen bee? "Definitely some different things than what I've been doing on the show and some stuff that will get my fanbase to know the type of singer I'm actually going to be."

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