Ariana Grande Has 'Chills' About 'The Way' Reaching Summer Jam Status

Nick star teases that 'it gets better' on her 2013 debut album.

Not that she was flying under the radar before, but Ariana Grande gained a whole new set of fans when she dropped her single "The Way" earlier this spring. In addition to pleasing the ears of R&B fans of all ages, she caught the eye of Mac Miller, who appears on the breezy tune.

And, as it turns out, the former "Victorious" star couldn't have imagined that the summer-ready single would have ever taken off the way it has.

"Very [surprised]! My fan base is so amazing and so dedicated and so supportive, I was expecting it to do well, but not like that," she told MTV News. "My label was happy when it broke Top 50 on iTunes and then all of sudden it was #1 for like days. And it's still chilling in the top 20. It hasn't moved. It's just unbelievable. I'm so grateful."

She continued that if you are reminded of classic Mariah Carey jams from back in the day, that wouldn't be too off the mark for what she was going for when she hit the studio. "You know I love just like old R&B. I love the '90s, that whole vibe. I love Mariah Carey, of course, she's the goddess of all vocals," she said. "But, yeah, I just wanted to do something old school and soulful and something that I like to sing. And that's what I really clicked with."

So, is she excited that she may have released the song of the summer? The short answer: yes, yes and yes. "You think so! Oh my god! Really! I have chills! I don't know! I don't know!" she said. "That's exciting! Geez, song of the summer. I love 'Next to Me' [by Emeli Sandé]. I love that song."

Mac Miller And Ariana Grande Might Have More Songs On 'The Way.'

As it turns out, "The Way" is only the beginning. And Grande, who is gearing up to star on her own Nick series, "Sam & Cat," added that there's more ear candy to come from her debut album, Daydreamin', set for release sometime this year. That could mean more from the singer/actress and Mac Miller, as well as some solo jams. "I just can't for them to hear the rest of it because it just gets better," she shared. " 'The Way' is a great song in my opinion but the rest are, I think, better. So it's cool."