'Arrested Development' Trailer: The Gang's All Here

Buster is losing it, Lucille is yelling and Gob is, well, Gob.

There are certain things you want from the Bluths: stair cars, bad magic, blinged out hook hands and potential cousin-on-cousin action. That's why the 90-second trailer for the upcoming reboot season of "Arrested Development"
 is almost perfect.

The cult comedy is coming back on May 26 in a 15-episode all-at-once season on Netflix that brings us up to speed on what the key family members have been up to since we last saw them. And fans of the low-rated, but beloved original series will have plenty to love in the snapshots of the Bluths being, well, the Bluths.

A few highlights:

» The "sane one," Michael, opens the trailer at Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport, where he arrives in search of a new place to live, only to burn his hand on the super-heated door handle of a waiting taxi. He gets an unwelcome surprise in the next scene, when he pops in to visit son George Michael in his college dorm room ... where the freshman appears to be shacked up with his favorite cousin, Maeby.

» In a quick-cut montage we get re-introduced to the whole insane gang: Michael, Gob, Lindsay, George Michael, Lucille, Tobias Funke, George, Maebe and Buster, who is, of course, freaking out about something.

» The world's most confounding couple share a tender moment, when blonde beauty Lindsay tells sexually ambiguous Tobias, "I really love you," and he responds, "Oh, Lindsay, we've got to get you to that acting class."

» Family patriarch George telling someone over the phone, "I just want my son to have a job where his incompetence won't be out of place," over a shot of Gob ripping the corner off of a counter while trying open a Mike's Hard Lemonade bottle.

» Michael standing in front of his new home and lamenting, "Well, that's not a great sign," as the camera pans to a giant vulture sitting on his mailbox.

» The final 30 seconds, set to the stains of Europe's "The Final Countdown," features an ostrich on the loose indoors, Gob trying to pick up a woman at a bar with a terrible virginity magic trick/joke (only to be informed she has the disease lupus), Lucille wishing night terrors on the perpetually freaked out Buster and Michael trashing a Christmas display with his rented stair car.

Sounds about right.