'Arrested Development' Stars Recite Their Favorite Lines: Watch Now!

Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat say creator Mitch Hurwitz has no intention of ending the Bluth family saga, which returns May 26 on Netflix.

It's been seven long years since we last heard from the Bluth family. Ever since "Arrested Development" — the low-rated but critically acclaimed cult comedy — ended its run on Fox in 2006, the show's dedicated fans have held out hope that the dysfunctional clan would make a comeback.

In its time off the air, "Arrested Development" has managed to do what few canceled shows have done before: expand its fanbase beyond that initial audience. With the help of robust DVD sales and binge watching, via streaming services like Netflix, people are constantly discovering (and rediscovering) the crazy adventures of the "Arrested" gang.

And those efforts paid off: On May 26, Netflix will release 15 brand-spanking-new episodes all at once, and fans will finally be able to see what insanity the Bluths have been up to.

When we caught up with the cast to talk about the show's long-awaited return, they proved to be some of the show's biggest fans. We asked them to name their favorites lines from the series, bons mots they undoubtedly are asked to quote to fans all the time, and without missing a beat, they were able to list off a number of memorable one-liners. (Click on the embedded video to see for yourself!)

Now that creator Mitch Hurwitz has crafted 15 new scripts filled with even more choice lines, we wondered where the series goes from here. Is there a finale in mind?

"I don't think Mitch has that in his head," Michael Cera, who plays George Michael, told MTV News when asked about a potential series end.

"He's so present, which is why I think he's such an amazing writer, because he comes up with the funniest stuff on the day while we're shooting a scene," Alia Shawkat (Maeby) said about the show's zany writing style.

"He's so sharp and he knows the story so well of these characters, so I don't think he's thinking further ahead," Shawkat continued. "He's kind of going by what's the funniest thing in that moment."

Whatever form the show takes next, it seems the cast and crew are set on making sure the Bluth family saga continues. As Cera explained: "I don't think his ultimate goal is to wrap it up or have a finale. I don't think he's thinking like that."

New episodes of "Arrested Development" premiere May 26 on Netflix.