Macklemore's Crowd Walk Draws Fire From Method Man

'Can't Hold Us' rapper gets some heat for MTV Movie Awards performance.

So what do you actually get when Wu-Tang raised you? If you're Macklemore, it's a dis from Method Man.

When the Wu-Star and his rhyme partner Redman hit Denver, Colorado for a special 4/20 show in April, Meth took exception to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' MTV Movie Awards performance where the duo performed their latest single "Can't Hold Us."

"I was watching MTV not too long ago and there was a rapper onstage. This motherf---er had a lot of energy, and I was really, really enjoying his performance. I think his name was Macklemore," the "Bring the Pain" MC began to tell the crowd during a break in the music. "Don't get me wrong that motherf---er can rhyme. As I'm watching his performance I seen this motherf---er do something that pissed me off. He actually tried to walk on top of the crowd's hands. I started that sh--!"

It's a move that rocker Iggy Pop did in the 1970s, and more recently, Jared Leto and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips tried it. Ever since he broke out of the Wu in 1993, Meth has gained the reputation as a spirited live performer, who exhibits expert breath control and often engages his fans by stage diving and crowd surfing. Macklemore, who is also celebrated for his stage show, very well may have been influenced by Meth. On the second verse of "Can't Hold Us" the Seattle, Washington, spitter sends a heartfelt shout to Meth and his merry band of rap assassins. "Now, can I kick it? Thank you, yeah I'm so damn grateful/ I grew up, really wanted gold fronts, but that's what you get when Wu-Tang raised you," he rhymed of the group's influence over him.

Now Method Man was all sour about it. He told the crowd that when Macklemore performed in their city that they should absolutely show him love, but with one exception. "If that motherf---er tires to do my walk on the crowd thing I want Denver, Colorado to drop his ass like a bad habit," he said.