Chris Brown Marks X Release Date

Breezy confirms a summer release date for his next album and drops extra track 'I Can't Win' for his fans.

If X marks the spot, Team Breezy mark their calendars for July 16. That's the day Chris Brown will drop his next studio album.

The singer confirmed the X release date on Twitter late Monday night, when he tweeted out a brand-new track, "I Can't Win." However, he confirmed that this cut won't make the album, writing, "Some s--- I felt like writing that's not on the album."

The mid-tempo break-up song is all about the ups and downs of a relationship, with Brown lamenting about how he just "can't win."

"She ain't bluffing/ She gonna do it/ I think it's time for me to face the music/ I couldn't really give a damn about my pride," he sings on the chorus. "Going back and forth with the lies/ Never compromise/ Girl, if you love me better, prove it/ Baby, I can't win."

And while the song won't make the July 16 release, lyrically it fits in with what the "Fine China" singer previously explained about the album, his follow-up to 2012's Fortune. "I'm an open book. I think the way my life is, people want to know all the time, so I have to let them know through my music," he explained at an album listening back in March, where he previewed a handful of tracks, including his Kendrick Lamar collaboration "Autumn Leaves."

As for the album's title, Brown broke down the significance of it for MTV News, explaining that it holds quite a lot of meaning for him.

"I made it kinda numerical. X is a Roman numeral for 10; this also symbolizes 10 years of me being an artist. I started when I was 14. X also means my birthday, 5/5/89. Five and five is 10; eight, nine, 10, so X. And then another quick one is 24. It's the 24th letter in the alphabet, and I'll be 24 when X comes out. That's kind of it in a nutshell."