Juelz Santana Backs Buck's 'Mojo' On SBOE All We Got Is Us

SBOE gets more support from Juelz on new mixtape.

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Headliners: SBOE

Representing: Queens, New York

Mixtape: All We Got Is Us

Real Spit: Hip-hop and fashion go hand-in-hand. After a rapper establishes themselves as a musical draw, they might branch out into clothing like Jay-Z did with Rocawear or Diddy did with Sean John, but Queens rapper Bucks did things quite differently.

Bucks and his partner Slow created Slow Bucks TV, a website that promoted original rap content. The site quickly turned into an Ecko-distributed Slow Bucks clothing line, and now the success of his clothes has influenced moves inside of the studio. On Monday (April 29), Slow and his SBOE (Slow Bucks Over Everything) collective dropped their very first mixtape All We Got Is Us.

Initially, Bucks planned to help Dipset rapper Juelz Santana on his comeback trail, but somewhere along the line, he caught the rapping buzz. "[Rapping] wasn't never the plan. My plan was to A&R Juelz Santana's project through Def Jam with Sha Money," he told Mixtape Daily.

Back when Slow Bucks was a simple T-shirt line, Juelz Santana put the brand on his back — literally — by wearing the designs in his music videos and interviews. After spending countless hours in the studio with Santana, Bucks picked up a knack for spitting bars. "That was the plan to make Juelz rap and put his music out. In the process of working on his music, like three months into it, I started to develop into my own artist and started making my own music," he said.

"Bucks, he's always been into music 100 percent, always brought beats to the table, brought things to the table. He just watched and he got on his mojo. His swag was already through the roof," Juelz added.

The 15-track mixtape features not only Bucks, but contributions from SBOE members Sid Bounce and Von. Waka Flocka Flame, Yo Gotti, Jadakiss, Rocko, Big K.R.I.T. and Smoke DZA make appearances as well as Juelz Santana, who appears on the All We Got Is Us tape cover wearing a black mask and multiple chains. "Juelz is my brother by default. He's just automatically a part of everything we're doing since day one," Bucks said. "He was the face of this clothing line so he's just happy to see us progressing."

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» "All We Got Is Us" — "The message is all we got is us. If you hear the song we're basically saying we don't owe nobody nothing. We came here, we did it our own way and we're doing what we want."

» "Devil's Advocate" — "It's really just breaking down struggles that we gotta overcome no matter what it takes. We do what's necessary."