Fall Out Boy Grab 'The Magic Sword' With Save Rock And Roll's #1 Debut

'Are you kidding me?' Pete Wentz says of Fall Out Boy's triumphant return to the top of the charts.

Comeback complete. On Wednesday (April 24), Fall Out Boy returned to the top of the charts with Save Rock and Roll, their first album in nearly five years, and their first to debut at #1 since 2007's Infinity On High.

Rock and Roll sold more than 154,000 copies to claim the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200, ending Paramore's reign atop the chart and serving notice that, after a lengthy hiatus, Fall Out Boy have come back just as strong as ever.

And, though they've been prepping for a big debut all week — and despite the fact they've previously made it to #1 — the success of Save Rock and Roll is somehow sweeter for the FOB guys ... because after being away for years, they've learned to appreciate everything, and take nothing for granted.

"I'm just ridiculously humbled and surprised. It just heightens how grateful I am to be making music," frontman Patrick Stump wrote in an email MTV News. "It really is like getting to do-over what should've been one of the best times in my life; Last time I was arrogant. This time, I know how insanely lucky we are."

"This one meant a lot, really and truly because we made this album for ourselves; it's the first time since Take This To Your Grave that we made an album with only our own expectations," Pete Wentz added. "We had hoped that a few people would take notice, or at least we'd get some cult status ... [but] a number one record ? Are you kidding me?"

So now, with phase one of their triumphant return in the books, what will Fall Out Boy do for an encore? Well, they're not quite sure ... for now, FOB are willing to sit back and enjoy their success. But they're always preparing for the next epic quest.

"I'm just appreciating this stuff," Stump wrote. "It's like when you'd play Nintendo, get through a few levels, maybe forget to pick up that magic sword or whatever it was, so you just reset the game and started over. Only this time, we get to do it in life."

After conquering the charts, what can Fall Out Boy do next? Let us know in the comments below!