Ciara And Future Invite Fans To Their 'Sensual' 'Body Party'

'The mission is to take you back to that day when guys weren't too cool to dance in the club,' Ciara tells MTV News of her new brand-new video.

For her new single, "Body Party," Ciara samples Ghost Town DJ's 1996 booty bass classic "My Boo," but for the track's video her real life boo, Future, gets to sample a bit of CiCi's sexiness.

"It's about giving you the sensual emotion that's in the record, but also the fun. It was really important to me that there was a perfect balance of the two," Ciara told MTV News on Monday, just hours before she premiered the clip on BET's "106 & Park."

Ciara, Director X and their cast of all-star extras created the exact balance that they were looking for. During the first half of the vid, the singer, dressed in baggy clothes seduces Future at a house party before the clip makes a cinematic break and they exchange their first words.

"Oh, so you been watching me," Ciara asks. "You're not hard to miss," Future responds, before introducing himself properly.

The second half of the video takes things a sexy turn, when the "Turn on the Lights" rapper/crooner imagines himself in a bedroom with his real-life girlfriend. Dressed in black lace lingerie and black heels Ciara gives her man a private show, perhaps a reward for Future's help writing the single. "It was a very organic process making the record and when [producer] Mike WiLL played the track, right away I heard melodies, right away I started feeling certain energies and I went to the booth," she said. "I also wrote it with Future... and it just really flowed."

After recording the track, Ciara knew she wanted a specific vibe for the vid. "For me, the mission is to take you back to that day when guys weren't too cool to dance in the club. They weren't acting too cool to slow dance with a girl in the club," she said of the video, which featured cameos from Ludacris, Trinidad James and "Love & Hip Hop" stars Joseline and Stevie J. "I had a really great time making the video and even to have my hometown come out and show love... just having that energy from the A-Town in there was really fun."

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